Yoga Behind Bars is at an expansive and dynamic stage of development.

Funders Overview

Our plan reaffirms our commitment to youth, women, and men behind bars in Washington State—they are at the heart of our work. In the next three years we will deepen our reach at the 15 facilities we currently serve, both through our volunteer instructors and the incarcerated instructors we trained and mentored over the past two years. We will also continue to share our best practices and methodology with people interested in teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga, locally and nationally. As we grow, more advanced operational infrastructure and additional staff will be necessary to support sustainable expansion.

“I really feel in the deepest chambers of my hearts heart. YBB should be in every facility.” YBB Student

2020 Goals

Over the next three years we will continue to engage in community building and education events to drive awareness and inspire people to advocate for criminal justice reform.

1)By 2020, our nationally recognized, trauma-informed yoga programs reach 50% of accessible, incarcerated people in Washington state to reform prison culture from the inside out.


2)As the national leader in teaching and training people in Trauma-Informed Yoga in the criminal justice system. YBB contributes globally in the field of yoga and prison service.


3)Yoga Behind Bars is part of a larger movement to reform prison culture in the U.S. and beyond. We acknowledge the role that race, poverty and systemic failures play in the culture of mass incarceration, and we partner with aligned race and social justice organizations in our advocacy and education efforts.

4)YBB engages community to ensure abundant and diverse human and financial resources to support our continued expansion. In pursuing and allocating these funds, we will operate in a way that is consistent with our mission, vision and values.

“I am so proud of this.organization and its growth, and am confident that it will continue to attract mainstream support. The tides are turning.” -YBB Funder


We’re Reimagining The Criminal Justice System




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