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Our classes help incarcerated men, women and teens connect  more deeply with themselves and others, inviting self-reflection, care, and compassion.  Our students acquire tools to healthfully cope with the stress and anxiety they experience while incarcerated and face upon release. The transformation can be profound. Whether after taking just one class or participating for months, our students report feeling calmer, healthier, happier and more at peace.

YBB’s Yoga Teacher Training for prisoners is currently underway at Stafford Creek Corrections Center!

Offering a Yoga Teacher Training to prisoners has been a YBB dream for many years. We’ve designed a program that is inspiring our students to embody yoga in their own lives, while also providing them with the skills necessary to teach yoga–as certified teachers– in their facility and beyond. 

Our 10 students have been selected for their leadership and commitment to mentoring others. They come from 5 different prisons around the state, most of them serving life sentences. Students will participate in 100+ hours of training, lead by YBB teachers Laura Prudhomme and Dawn Hanson, as well as special guest teachers. After completing the training, each participant will return to their home facility to teach yoga under the continued guidance of Yoga Behind Bars. We are thrilled for this opportunity to work with each trainee as they transform from students to teachers and thankful for our partnership with the Department of Corrections in making this program a reality.

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Special thanks to Sarahjoy Marsh from Daya Foundation for valuable input as we developed our curriculum.