Teaching yoga and meditation in 12 prisons, jails, and detention centers

Our classes help incarcerated men, women and teens heal from trauma, and cope with the stress and anxiety they experience while incarcerated and upon release. The transformation can be profound. Our students report feeling calmer, healthier, happier and more at peace.


“I love the yoga class.  It is a tremendous privilege to attend and participate in it.  I am thankful to all responsible for making this happen..wow, amazing.”

Our volunteer instructors currently offer an average of 26 classes a week in 13 locations around Washington State. We teach at all custody levels, maximum, medium, and minimum, as well as solitary confinement. Click here for a map of our programs.

Training prisoners to become yoga teachers

Our next Yoga Teacher Training will be at Washington Corrections Center for Women starting in Fall 2016.

Offering a Yoga Teacher Training to prisoners has been a YBB dream for many years. We’ve designed a program that is inspiring our students to embody yoga in their own lives, while also providing them with the skills necessary to teach yoga–as certified teachers– in their facility and beyond. 

In August of 2015, 10 men from 5 different prisons around the state were transferred to Stafford Creek Corrections Center to start their training. Most of them are serving life sentences. These students participated in 100+ hours of training and after graduating in February 2016, are continuing their studies through correspondence modules and mentoring by YBB instructors.


“I started to do yoga years ago, but once I moved to another prison that had no classes, I lost focus. Being here and having yoga again, I feel healthier, happier and more balanced in my mind, body and sprit.”