We’re so pleased to introduce you all to Amara, our amazing new Development Director!!

“Amara Oden has worked in the mission-driven sector for over two decades. That time has included power-licking envelopes as an intern; helping raise funds for a Nature School and a youth Rite of Passage program, sweating an annual budget as an Executive Director; and working to train and empower boards as a consultant, although her first and best love is to connect donors to the good work that nonprofits do. As such, she is thrilled to be the new Development Director of Yoga Behind Bars! It’s abundantly clear to her how passionate the supporters are of Yoga Behind Bars and the work they have helped power is inspiring. Moving into the tenth year of YBB feels like a momentous time to be joining this important mission and she looks forward to the connections to come. She is a proud mother of three mischievous humans and wife to one, and they enjoy hiking, eating, and snuggling together. She also loves kitchen dancing with her kids, sinking her knife into a new recipe, and never turns down chocolate. “

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