Become a YBB Virtual Ambassador!

The Power of Community is an online fundraiser bringing the YBB community together to celebrate the voices and stories of our teachers, participants, staff, and volunteers on Oct. 7th at 5:30p Pacific. Our goal is to raise $85,000 to continue to be a driving force of change for the lives of hundreds of yoga practitioners behind bars

We are looking for supporters like you to help us reach our fundraising goal by becoming a Virtual Ambassador!

A Virtual Ambassador is someone that is a supporter of YBB and can pull in their network to attend our Power of Community event.

This is your opportunity to get creative with ideas. Donation Class? Yes! Watch Party? Yes! Water Balloon Fight? I guess that works too…

Your key responsibilities include:

  1. Attending the virtual ambassador intro session on August 31st at 12:30p (if you can)
  2. Asking 10-20 people to RSVP to the October 7th event (or whatever number you are comfortable with)
  3. Sharing the Oct. 7th event info on your social media and with any other community you are part of (Don’t worry, we got you on the messaging and graphics)


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