Imagine the kind of shift that happens when you have the opportunity to be seen in a different light. Meet Greg, a Yoga Behind Bars instructor at Clallam Bay Corrections Center. See what we are made of in this short 4-part series, Peace is an Inside Job. 

“No matter what your past was, you can be yourself.” – Greg

Watch the first video, It’s the Path of Yoga, here. Please share widely, and stay tuned for the other three videos out this week and next.

Huge shout out to Kevmo Productions for putting this series together, see more of his work at

Trueblood Contempt Settlement

Trueblood Contempt Settlement

Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has stated that Washington is in the midst of a mental health crisis and the demand for all forms of mental health services far outweighs the available resources. There is no place where this seems to be more...

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