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Come learn with us, online

Our online trauma-informed yoga training gives you practical tools to make a difference in your community.

Whether you practice yoga or are a yoga instructor, clinician, mental health professional, educator—we’ve got you covered with a variety of modules and trauma-informed yoga demo classes. All hosted by our partner, Namastream, here.

What’s in the training?

You can join us for one module or the entire course. Our full online trauma-informed curriculum offers 7 modules (that’s hours of content!). Topics range from the basics of trauma-informed yoga instruction to social justice, trauma-sensitive embodiment practices you can use right away to trauma and the brain, and of course special considerations for incarcerated youth and adults.

You can also sign up for multiple trauma-informed yoga demo classes, so you can experience the principles, then learn how it’s done and why. And don’t forget to check out our module on “How to Start a Yoga Program Behind Bars”. See you online!

“This training opened my eyes to the power behind teaching trauma-informed yoga”
-YBB Teacher

Who is this training for? You!

Our commitment is for you to walk away with a practical and accessible roadmap for leveraging trauma-informed yoga’s potential impact on personal growth and reflection, community building, challenging stereotypes, and lasting social change. All coming from our in the field experience as an award-winning program that is being used to transform the criminal justice system from the inside out.

Yoga Teachers  Are you a yoga instructor looking to make your classes more welcoming to all kinds of folks? Learn practical tools to make your classes more accessible and just, whether you teach in a studio, school, or prison.


Yoga Students Can’t find a trauma-sensitive class in your community? Join us online for a series of trauma-informed yoga classes and practice from your home at your own pace and schedule.


Mental Health ProvidersOur training will help you incorporate yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques in your work to enhance your clinical practice. Expand your repertoire with trauma-informed yoga training.

Educators Want to add more tools to encourage learning in your classroom?    Learn practical tools to make your classroom more holistic, responsive, fun by incorporating mindful movement into your repertoire.

Peace is an inside job.

But it starts with you and with each other.

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