We’ve all heard it – again and again – but what a time we find ourselves in.  As a resource for yoga, trauma language, and race and social justice, we have an abundance of tools to share with our community for care, self-regulation, and healing.  We do our best to be selective about what we post, and our content comes to you with great trust and enthusiasm!  We’re especially excited to share this information on yoga for anxiety from Jenny Hayo, a YBB volunteer who mentors one of our incarcerated teachers, Garridan, and contributes to our curriculum for the Yoga Teacher Training Behind Bars.  In fact, we sent this information to all of our incarcerated teachers to incorporate into their practices, and into their classes (for those continuing to teach during restrictions).

An especially important element of trauma-informed approaches is engaging with the vagus nerve, the pathway that connects the state of the body to the brain.  This is key in self-regulation, something all of us can use from time to time – especially in this new, disruptive atmosphere.  Engaging the vagus nerve and integrating exercises into your practice can strengthen your mind and body’s response to anxiety.

Helpful tip: you don’t need to be a yoga practitioner to utilize this offering!



Want to learn more?  Check out our upcoming Virtual Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings.


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