Hi Renata! Thank you for taking a moment to speak with me today! Each month throughout this year, we are spotlighting different people that make our work possible.   I heard you just did a photoshoot for our student handbook and definitely had to share a teaser with the community.

Can you share a bit about yourself?  Where do you teach?

Awww, huge and squeezing virtual hug to You!!! Of course!️
I’ve been teaching yoga virtually for almost 2 yrs now I teach yoga to Brazil’s clients and at Echo Glenn since the end last year. 

How did you get involved with YBB?

Back in Brazil, I was the co-founder and director of a nonprofit organization that worked with youth from the favelas (slums). I taught Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), inserting educational projects related to our history, folklore and used it as a bridge to reconnect this youth community with their cultural roots, uplifting their self-esteem and shrinking the gap between their reality and overall society’s. 

I was already volunteering as an art docent at ECGC so I thought “I’m gonna teach them Yoga!” Then I thought, someone else might have already been doing that, that’s when I googled and found YBB.

We are super glad you found us! I heard they paused the program because of Covid.  Do you know when you will be able to volunteer again?

School Volunteers were JUST allowed back in last week! I’m back as a tutor offering school support. I work with the maximum security unity 3x per week from 8-12pm and it is AMAZING to be back.  I haven’t heard anything about the recreational area though (yoga).

Well, hopefully, we can all get back in soon!  What is your favorite thing about working with youth? Have they taught you anything?

My favorite thing about working with this youth group is the opportunity to witness their journey and offer them the opportunity to feel heard, seen, and valued. Have I learned from them? Every single day I’m in!!!  They have been, along with my own kids, the greatest teachers I’ve had in life.  I learned that the best way I can be of service is by allowing them to be heard. To listen to their stories and bear witness to their speech is to make them feel seen, feel important, feel loved, and empowered by their own speech.

There’s a transformative power in listening to both the listener and the speaker. When we listen we connect, and when we connect we transform!
Beautifully put! Thanks for dropping some knowledge. I heard you got the vaccine to be able to teach.  First, thank you! and second, how are you feeling after? Any tips for someone like me who doesn’t like needles?

I did get the vaccine!! I feel extremely grateful for that!! I’m actually taking the second dose this coming Saturday.

I don’t like needles either, LOL! The actual shot doesn’t hurt, I just look to the side.  Now I’m not a regular case because I’m extremely allergic and I have an autoimmune disease.  So in my case, I had to start taking allergy medication the day prior, the day of, and 2 days after. I also had to take a supplement to help my body decreased oxidative stress (caused immune response) and had my epi-pen with me for the first 48hrs.

Considering all that I did pretty well. After 2 hrs of the shot, I had a mild allergic reaction, the day after I just slept the whole day and felt a lot of pain in my arm. 

On the 2nd day, I was feeling tired and still a bit of pain on the arm. By the 3rd day I felt 100% back to normal and no pain in the arm!

I’d say drink lots of fluids and avoid drinking alcohol the day of as it can suppress your immune system. Everyone is different so listen to your body, especially in the first 24 hrs, Allow your body to recover as needed. 

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us and I will make sure to drink lots of fluids and not look at the needle!

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